The Dance of the Jumping Spider

This deserves to be highlighted. Hat tip to Lorri Talley (see comments in Orb Weaver entry).

I give you...

The Mating Dance of the Jumping Spider!

"I have the best pedipalps of them all! The very best. With my little dance, I will hypnotize you into wanting them. Yes, my darling, wanting them!"

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I assume you want a credit card number for Part II, because the video stopped right as the spider reached out to touch what I assume was a convincing dummy.

Anyone else count the number of beats on those pedipalps? I thought I saw a Fibonacci sequence developing ...

Okay, where's the _rest_ of this?


By Hank Roberts (not verified) on 04 Sep 2007 #permalink

Seemed to me it got so excited it was climbing up whatever that is next door to the dummy instead of the dummy itself.
Whatever, a very cool display, cannot wait to try it on my next date.