Audio Island & Pattern Juggling

I have added two new categories to the refuge, Audio Island and Pattern Juggling, for the convenience of those interested in a couple of my "off the beaten path" jaunts. I have gone back and retagged a bunch of old posts and will use these tags in the future. Audio Island is basically a catch-all for audio/acoustics/electronics gear, new technologies, observations, and the like. Pattern Juggling is the location for my ramblings regarding the intersection of drumming, co-ordination, art and so forth (for example, the DIY Neuromotor Experiments posts). Audio Island is perhaps a bit obvious, Pattern Juggling less so. In PJ you're likely to find a little math, maybe some neuro-science, music/art, fine motor control, limb independence and interdependence, and how it all comes together for the drummer or percussionist.

I don't want anyone to think that Pattern Juggling is aimed only at drummers, though. Anyone, musician or not, can try some of the experiments and tricks that I have/will brought/bring up, and I'm interested in the results of your experiments and trials, musical or otherwise.

Granted, while I am not a renowned expert practitioner of the subject, I trust there will be items to stir your imagination. Who knows, maybe some day, a member of the highly co-ordinated set such as Bill Bruford, Joe Morello, Chad Wackerman, Terry Bozzio, or Vinnie Colaiuta will be cruising the net, happen across our little discussion, and offer some kernel of insight. Well, one can hope anyway...

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Well, sort of. Actually, I'd like to get some commentary from jugglers on this stuff. I think it would be illuminating (especially if they juggled light bulbs).

27 attaboy points to the first person who correctly identifies the inspiration for that title.