Flipping the bird: Guido Daniele's handimals

Guido Daniele is a superb illustrator. I've seen some of his sportswear bodypainting, for example, check out this track suit:

Yes, he is naked.

I had not encountered his hand critters. This really gives a whole new meaning to flipping the bird.

If you can tolerate the barrage of advertisements, Animal Planet features videos of Signor Daniele creating handworks.

I realize that these images have made the blog rounds before, but hey, we geriatrics tend to repeat ourselves. The level of detail is amazing and straddles the boundary between the avant-garde and scientific illustration. Most striking are the eyes. Heck, the peepers of Signor Daniele's "handimals" are better than the cold dead orbs of performance capture animation (I know; I'm being obsessively critical.)

Zombie conductor from The Polar Express

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The Xbox 360 game Mass Effect does facial animation, including non-unnerving eyes, incredibly well.

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Wow, he's clever!

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