I feel all dirty now

So, I popped down to the campus bookstore and browsed C*u*ters latest tome on the "Church of Liberalism"...

A large part of the book is regurgitated crap from the intelligent design moron crowd, which PZ has dissected along with several other netizens.

Most of the rest is the usual incoherent lunatic ravings about sex, crime and war.

So... what about "their own cosmology"?
Well, I was a bit disappointed, it is there in the preamble, but then nada.
Not in the index, couple of contextless asides on how "well at least relativity has experimental evidence", and a rambling listing of "famous scientists who said something about God". No context, and ahistorical.

The only solid comment on cosmology is a discussion of Hoyle and Wickramasinghe's panspermia, with a somewhat disappointing note to the effect that Hoyle may have been an atheist, but at least he knew evolution was wrong.

Sigh. I actually talked to Hoyle about this at lunch at the IoA about 8 or 9 years ago.
Hoyle had some interesting ideas (like his notion that the "junk DNA" codes initial conditions for some structural information - probably wrong, but interesting and testable).
The Steady State was actually anti-theistic cosmology, the Big Bang has philosophical taints of creation for obscure historical reasons; and panspermia may in principle occur (there is some interest right now in whether Martian life polluted the Earth in the Archaean), but it does not disprove anything on evolution - at worst it pushes the origin problem back and stretches the timeline, but a factor of two or so.

So completely wrong headed, not even interestingly wrong.
But then the whole book reeks of slapped together poorly thought out spin and strawman talking points, where it is not spouting outright lies and errors of fact.

Addendum: ok, I shouldn't be cute - messes with the Sb magic indexing.
Coulter, the author's name is Coulter.


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