bwa ha ha!

Fame! At last!
World of Physics is mine, all mine.

Hey, look at this interesting thing I just came across...

Is that really the impression I give? 'cause it is only true for things I come across between morning coffee and lunch, honest.

Anything lengthy is usually written between midnight and 2 am, movable type has a "scheduling" function for delayed publishing for those who like to play audience fishing with the sciblog front page.

Physics World actually gave me heads up about the article some weeks ago.
I knew the skate would get them.

Bonus, is that now I will no exactly how many of me ol' mates are still IoP members, and, er, have time to read Physics World bloglife columns.
If you were at Sussex, we're hanging out on facebook. If you were at Cambridge, then you can go to facebook if you know the significance of "Muon", else you should probably be on MySpace, whippersnapper.

Seriously, I only sometimes blog things that pop across my desk. Some are in my "things to write about someday" list (which has about 200 items right now), some are sent in as suggestions or tips (and sorry I can't do all of them...) and some I think about for a while, even if it doesn't always look like it.
As for the rest, they are part of a plan... bwa ha ha.

Anyway, they did Chad and Dave and Rob first.
"Chad and Dave" would be a really good name for a quirky folk band.

Close enough.


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