B-2 ready to fly, says Air Force Link, despite safety pause....

Oh. Dear.
Spirit of Kansas crashes at Andersen AFB Guam back in Feb '08.
Right after take-off. Crew ejected. Missed that one, what was I doing late Feb...? Ah.

Apparently still do not know what caused the crash.
Apparently a B-1 had a runway crash on Guam shortly after, what is interesting about that is why B-2s and B-1s were there at the same time, they usually alternate forward staging, as I understand it. Maybe overlap during rotation.


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It's a small miracle they can even fly those things. One medium-to-large planetary mission's worth of money goes *poof*.

By Dunkleosteus (not verified) on 04 Apr 2008 #permalink

And another one (but just a SMEX or two) - CNN just reported a B-1 crashed in Qatar.

Didn't realise the 379th had B-1s. - I guess 37th out of Ellsworth has been staging there for Afghanistan operations.
Bit strange to have them deployed at Guam and Al Udeid.

Maybe the paranoid nut reports out of Russia that the US is planning an April air strike are true - or more to the point, the Russians saw the B-1 deployments and made inferences.
Or they are just paranoid.

I was on the design team of the flight simulators used to train B-2 pilots in the late 80's/early 90's. I never learned much about the plane itself, since most of the guts of a flight simulator have very little to do with the aircraft, but everyone on the team acquired a proprietary feeling for this weird plane. Even today, it distresses me to hear about one crashing.

But they ***are*** expensive (though the "cost" of a plane doesn't just include the physical aircraft but also the expensive infrastructure needed to support it).