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hos has a cathartic rant about the bailout

The TED spread is 3.86 this afternoon - that is after the bailout passed.
If you know what the TED spread is you should now be tasting vomit in your throat.
LIBOR is also spiking, natch.

The US usually quotes the "U3" index for the unemployment rate.
The U6 rate is in many ways a more robust measure, but a lot scarier.
It is also more like what some European governments report when they state "the unemployment rate", or so I am told.

PhysioProf explains about applying for faculty positions - you listen!

Chad worries about the blog bubble ending - I link to remember to think


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The only "good" news on the LIBOR is that the AIG loans were LIBOR + 8, so the US gov't is rakin' in the dough.

Yea, U6 is really scary. I remember 1992 and 1993, those were bad bad times in CA.