Flurry of Physics

I'm at wee bit behind on this here blogging thingie,
but there has been a flurry of physics results which are worth a quick peek:

CoGENT claims CDM result - claim marginal detection of annual modulation, consistent with light CDM particle.
See resonaances for detail

Fermi confirms Pamela - say no more, nudge nudge wink wink

Talking of blind bats: AMS is on

Now for something completely different: Cliff Will explains Gravity Probe B

CMS experiment at the LHC hints unsubtly that they might be seeing stringy quantum black holes - I'll believe it when I see the Earth implode...

Theorists get over-excited about dijet decays at CDF on Tevatron

5σ - almost!

dijet! dijet!

D0... not so fast.
Did you know that 50% of 5σ results are in fact wrong?

Why, yes, I have been reading a lot of resonaances recently.
Too scared to go to "Not Even Wrong"....

Next I catch up on astro, where there are some interesting actual results.
Lots of interesting actual results.

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Word is CDMS sees many types of modulations in their data, but they think they are all unknown systematics.