And, so, as this feast of Saint Thorlacius comes to an end, we await the arrival of the last of the yule lads the sneaky candle swiper hisself


The lads are bathed, a major achievement in and of itself, and ready for the grand finale

tomorrow night they leave town, but first their mother comes for a quick naughty-or-nice inspection

Grýla and Leppalúði

of course they do not stop at some token onion, potato or coal in the stocking,nah


will hunt down the little miscreants and eat them.

Well, some of them, the rest are delivered to Grýla's sack and she gets to boil them alive for the christmas soup...

and there endeth the tale.

Unless, some good, brave child chases away the cat and rescues the bad children from the sack.
Yeah, good luck with that.

This never happens!

All yours
(from sunfilm)

Gleðileg Jól!

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Gleðileg Jól
Gleðileg Jól