#AAS221 highlights

The AAS felt curiously light on major news this year.
Not that there weren't a lot of developments and announcements of results, rather that there didn't seem to any major obvious breakthroughs.

Of course, it is the little ones that get you...

Critically there is, of course, the annual, informal contest for the "best swag".
After the LSST pedometer in 2010 (back this year and still popular),
and the Ball Aerospace Alien Mobile in 2011 (also back this year),
I missed 2012 :-(
But, Duilia del Mello was there, and found the NASA ScreenClean (indispensable).

This year, well, we go with Duilia's choice:
the VAO toolkit!

VAO toolkit. AAS Swag of 2013.


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