Augmented Reality Layar at AAS

An interesting new twist for the 223rd meeting of the American Astronomical Society will be the "Augmented Reality" poster - an instantiation of the very rapidly growing augmented reality features appearing everywhere through smartphone apps or google glass.

V838 Mon poster by Vogt et al

will have a layar augmentation:

[caption id="attachment_3642" align="aligncenter" width="200"]Vogt et al poster viewed through layar app on an iPhone Vogt et al poster viewed through layar app on an iPhone
(click to embiggen)[/caption]

using layar creator, tags are added to the poster which pop up when viewed through the app providing links to sources, videos, 3D visualizations etc.

It works.
It is cool.
I like it.

And we are all going to be doing it Real Soon Now,
so get one of your (younger) students playing with layar creator...

I spent much longer than I planned playing with the options at Howard Bond's office door, where an A4 (but functional) copy of the poster was hanging to demo.

The possibilities are interesting, and looking much like those foreseen in various Brin, Gibson and Sterling SF novels (cf Existence by Brin).

The iPhone app is good enough for this to work right now,
something like google glass 2.1 will take this sort of layaring to a new level and soon.

Expect some totally surreal "Human vs Zombie" layared games to appear at campuses near you as harbringers of the tech going totally functional.
In the meantime astro meetings are about to go back to the future with hordes of mesmerized scientists peering at the latest 3D animated results layared on ye olde posters in mid-range convention centers around the world over the next few months.

Looking forward to this next phase, it will be interesting.


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How will we publish this stuff?

By Ethan Vishniac (not verified) on 18 Dec 2013 #permalink

Well, it is "just" layers of hypertext with links to content - it should be doable, in fact the business model seems to be driven by print media ads with layar content.

I suspect what we will need is a new layer of standard protocols, with both layaring enabled and "ALT" tags for ye olde '90s media.

Something to talk about at the meeting at the meeting?

PS: one of our graduate students saw the Vogt poster and had her own poster layar'd within a day, using the ad driven free version of layar creator.

I'm figuring the layar tag can be added immediately, and the contents expanded at leisure, copious spare time permitting.