iPod iChing throwback

We haven't done an iPod iChing prognostication in a very long time, and needs must!

So, Oh Mighty iPod One! What say you?

Whoosh goes the randomizer.

  • The Covering: The Secret Marriage - Sting
  • The Crossing: I Will Not Be Denied - Bonnie Raitt
  • The Crown: Away in a Manger - Kenny G
  • The Root: Last Christmas - Wham
  • The Past: All At Once - Bonnie Raitt
  • The Future: Rock Steady - Sting
  • The Questioner: Circle Dance - Bonnie Raitt
  • The House: History Will Teach Us Nothing - Sting
  • The Inside: Centuries - Fall Out Boy
  • The Outcome: She's a Rebel - Green Day

The Covering: well, that was tres trendy topical pick by the iPod!

The Crossing: very feisty - staying on theme, most intriguing

The Crown: well, I guess it depends on your Prior what the attitude about this being "the best that can be attained" means.
Imminence of the Eminence?

The Root:


The Past: iPod in a right Bonnie mood tonite!

The Future: is clearly not random!

The Questioner: a real downer...

The House: the iTunes "shuffle" is seriously non-random in the new versions, or I've accidentally set some option that tries to pick thematically related songs.

The Inside: Wow. Change of mood Big Time!

The Outcome: Much Mo' Better - this is the iPod we know and love!

For those who prefer the Zodiac to the Tarot prognostications of the iPod, the next two were "Doom & Gloom (Live) - Rolling Stones" and "Only the Young - Journey"...

That'll teach me not to go read ROSES while doing an iPod iChing...

As always, the Key as explained by Sean

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Yeah I think the option is called smart DJ or something.

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