Strange Travels, Part 6: Sciblings Party

My adventures in NY, continued: Friday Night

We attend a private party at Seed Editor, Adam Bly’s house. The catering is rich and delightful, with an exotic assortment of cheeses and antipasto. We all nosh, drink a bit of wine, and listen to well-spoken words from Adam and Katherine. I get the opportunity to talk a little with Bora and his wife, Katharine, who are wonderful people. (Bora’s enthusiasm for getting bloggers to network is an invaluable asset, online or off.)

After we’re all stuffed with fine food and conversation, we find our way into a tiny dive in the East Village, specializing in karaoke. The music was something to behold... like, be held at a distance, with a few drinks, earplugs, and a good sense of humor in between yourself and the karaoke singer. We had some wonderfully awful acts arise from our crowd of bloggers, including Razib’s absolutely terrible rendition of a Journey song (yea, I cheered for him, and also for his drowned-out duet partner, Shelley, who roomed with me during the trip) and Sheril and Chris’ rendition of the scathing The Times, They Are a Changin’, dedicated to G.W. Bush. (The latter song still hasn’t left my head... but then again, I was already thinking about metamorphosis.)

i-e4ad166313ffcba40f6e0d81a993f634-atplanetrose.jpgDespite the noise at the club, I manage to have some interesting conversations. I partake in these discussions of life and logic at the top of my lungs... by the end of the night, I’ve lost my voice, but gained deeper friendships. Suzanne takes this picture of Kevin and I sitting out the singing, capturing my enjoyment rather well.

As I walk back with a few of the other bloggers, feeling a tad ill from the alcohol, I realize why brunch was scheduled for noon, rather than earlier in the morning. Still, I’m awake when Shelley and Sheril return to our room from even more karaoke.

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Hi Karmem. Enjoyed discovering your posts on SW petroglyphs. Have been documenting solstice, equinox and cross-quarter day sites in North America for over a decade, with a focus on old-world inscriptions in the new world and archaeoastronomy. Would love to connect and share stories. Have begun writing "ancients in america" based on travels and the incredible teachers I have worked with along the way. I've provided links below for recent articles I've published on the subject. If you want to download additional articles, go to

Hope to hear from you.

Lehrburger, Carl, 2005, 'Ancient Colorado Rock Art Site Employs Light Animation to Mark Equinoxes: Astronomical Alignments Predate Anasazi Civilization' Part One, In Ancient American, Issue 65, 10:12-17 download .pdf 1.2 MB, 6 pages.

Lehrburger, Carl and Monahan, Scott, 2006, 'Evidence of Old World Travelers in Colorado: The Sun Temple and Crack Cave' in Ancient American, Issue 70, 11:2-17 download 11.5 MB, 7 pages.

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