Friday Fractal LXVIII: LEDs and A Fractal Pine Wreath

i-2019a2eb413aa6e010694e3d9ad71dce-LEDwreath.pngIs it just me, or are the holidays getting more and more high tech and environmentally friendly? Maybe it is me. I haven’t used real pine to decorate for the holidays in years. There may be some bits among the potpourri in the centerpiece, but just about everything else has been replaced with paper or plastic versions of the real thing: the tree, the garlands, and the wreath. This year, I’ve been seeking better ways to do the holiday thing. For instance, my tree and garlands now are strung with LED lights. (The odd "lunar white" glow was a bit disconcerting at first--they seem to flicker with movement--but I seem to have gotten used to the effect, and can’t reproduce it if I try. Besides, they last virtually forever, save loads of energy, and thus makes the December electric bill a little easier to take.) Next, instead of adding to traffic jams and crowded mall shopping, I’ve been doing by shopping online. To top off all this energy-saving high-tech seasonal goodness, for the first year ever, I’m putting up a fractal wreath:


The cool thing about this one, being that it is a fractal based on exponential iterations, is that you can watch it grow:


A side note: Speaking of shopping online, I’ve finally managed to get a few things up at a Cafe Press store, including fractal art gifts and adapt fish stickers. (See the sidebar if you’re unfamiliar with my favorite icon.) I’ll try to give a descriptive preview later on this weekend, but if you’d like to check it out now, click here.

All fractals created by the author using ChaosPro.


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I agree with the shopping online; I've been doing it for years.
It also saves on wrapping paper.

By Chris' Wills (not verified) on 08 Dec 2007 #permalink

Oh I don't get them wrapped, just a simple box.
Environmentally conscious me. That or a cheapskate :o)

When I'm sending presents from home I normally wrap them in pretty paper, it is relaxing, but I'm rarely at home.

By Chris' Wills (not verified) on 11 Dec 2007 #permalink

According to what I read in Wikipedia about electronic paper you may soon be able to decorate with an actually growing fractal wreath.