420: Friday Fractal LXXVI

For some of my friends, today is a holiday. So, to celebrate, here’s a fractal:


Fractal 420
(Click the image for a desktop sized version, or here for an alternate version.)

Note: If you’re wondering where I’ve been, or why this post is so brief, don’t worry. I’ve just been having some issues with my keyboard (it keeps typing the wrong things or jumping a "page up") which makes any writing a serious pain in the wrist. I’m going to try to clean my keyboard out with canned air later today, or, if all else fails, I’ll just buy a new one.

Fractal created by the author using ChaosPro.


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Dear Karmen you don't know how sorry I am for all thats happened. The last words you had with me were "that you were'nt comfortable with me asking you to lie to Alan" you know the new me keep the lies to a min. That's why I told him the truth. With all that said do you think that there is any way we ie. you alan and me can get past this? If we can I swear on my mothers grave that nothing like this will ever happen again. I chairish our friendship and need to make this right. What can I do?
just an OLD FOOL and FRIEND
ps this was the only way to get though to you

By kevin mccracken (not verified) on 24 Apr 2008 #permalink

I suggested to another sciblogger (Don't recall who) a while back that he do the dishwasher thing for his balky keyboard. He said his wife suggested the same thing, he tried it, and it worked. This method has been around for years, but I've never tried it since I drive a laptop. As I recall (you oughta look it up), no detergent, warm water, air dry. Hang at whatever angle(s) it takes to get the water to run out, and let dry for a few days. No loss if it doesn't work, you were going to replace it anyway. rb

Yeah, yesterday my keyboard was all weird too. My fingers kept hitting the wrong keys and I got Cheetos all in between the keys. Oh man, that fractal is awesome. Wanna come over and watch cartoons?

A nice combination of colors, ChaoticUtopia. Cool fractal & a cool day, indeed. Nice!

We were having keyboard problems at work due to a high dust and coffee environment and I suggested to my boss using the on-site carwash to clean them. The moron used detergent and made them worse!

By Old Bogus (not verified) on 26 Apr 2008 #permalink

Well, folks, I didn't use the dishwasher at all. If it was normal dust, I would have considered it. This started after we painted our living room with an airless sprayer, which left a thin layer of slightly sticky dust everywhere. Unfortunately, the dishwasher was unable to get the stuff off of my *dishes* ...so there was no way I was going to trust my keyboard to it.

After using canned air, it is still a bit finicky, but functional.... enough that I've been writing like crazy since it was fixed. :)

PS, Twi--I'm more into sci-fi or kung fu flicks... but if by 'cartoons' you mean 'Futurama' I'm there.