Ghoulish Treats for Halloween

You might have noticed, this blog has been as still as tomb over the past few weeks. It isn’t as if I was waiting for Halloween to write again--on the contrary, midterms were keeping me frighteningly busy! But, while I did manage to completely bomb one test, this semester has been quite insightful so far. (I finally see how this interdisciplinary approach I’ve been on will lead to a career. Yey! I’m not just wasting all my money on tuition!) So, all of this insight should, eventually, translate over to my blogging. It’ll be wicked, I promise!

For now, I’m still trying to de-stress after a tough week, while simultaneously getting ready for the Halloween fun tonight. Tomorrow, I can start catching up on more serious work. Today is a day for mischief and merriment. So, here are a few Halloween goodies to get you in the spirit of things!

Let’s start with costumes... what’s the scariest?


Habitat Loss
from Kevin and Kell by Bill Holbrook

Then, we have pumpkins to carve! This pumpkin is easy to carve... no seeds, no pulp, no mess, no knives needed... unlike the half a dozen real pumpkins sitting on my porch, waiting to be hacked open:


Carve your own Jack-o-Lantern with the Pumpkin Simulator

Finally, we can’t forget the cat bowling. Yea, gotta have cat bowling.


Cat Bowling

To bowl, hit the spacebar when the arrow is pointing in the right direction. The rules and scoring are the same as in regular bowling. I wish you the best of luck... I seem to be about as good at bowling with cats as I am with the real thing. That is, not very.

I have one more comic strip to share, but it isn’t really Halloween themed, so I’ll save it for tomorrow. Thanks to my friend Sara for sending me the two game links. To everyone else, have a Happy Halloween!

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No tricks here - just a little treat. I recently was given the Arte y Pico blogging award - a nice peer award that is described in my current blog entry, "Helping to Weave the Web".

One of the requirements of the award is that the recipient pass it on to five other worthy bloggers - people whose blogs are "a cut above" in content and design. I've been roaming through yours since I found it (and staying up way too late with Vector Park!), and there was just no question you are one of my five award winners. Here's what I said in the blog entry:

Chaotic Utopia ~ USA Newly discovered, this offering is a tantalizing look into a world where Buffalo roam, and the themesong might be "Don't (Fractal) Fence Me In." There's nothing I love more than someone writing so beautifully about things I know nothing about that I'm enticed into their world, and Karmen has done that, over and over. For years, nothing apart from my blog has kept me up until 2 a.m. Now, thanks to this scientist-philosopher-Mother who offers essays on the complexity of time and such tidbits as Vector Park , I'm at serious risk for sleep deprivation. If you're curious about the world and love watching creative minds at work, this is a blog worth pursuing.

Thanks so much for the thinking you've put into a terrific blog - I'm looking forward to following it!


Wow, Linda... what can I say? That has to be one of the most flattering comments I've ever received! Thank you so much! I'll have to give some thought to passing on the Arte y Pico award. And as for Vector Park, I completely understand. There's something really addictive about it! Thanks again for reading, and for this wonderful comment!