Groundhog Day reset by global warming

I guess this was inevitable.


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Jerry Coyne has a post up on the subject of whether a highly-intelligent, self-aware species is the inevitable end result of the evolutionary process. He begins: Over at that hilarious goldmine of accommodationism, Francis Collins's BioLogos website (generously supported by The Templeton…
You knew it was inevitable. I'm just surprised it took this long. Then, via Stuff and Nonsense, I find this video: Extra points for using a different scene from Downfall than the usual Downfall parodies use. It also reminds me. There's a paper on just this topic that might require a bit of not-so…
Every morning I get to wake up my daughter and get her ready for school, but often that's the last time I see her until the next day. The other day, my wife took her out of school to go to the dentist (apparently the entire school became aware of this just after my daughter). Despite her initial…
Yeah, they're already pouring in: everyone has a list of the best or worst of 2007. Most I couldn't care less about, but the Beast's 50 most loathsome people in America is at least primo grade-A disgust. The winners in this year's list weren't just predictable, they were inevitable.

You got spoofed!

It's OK James.

Of course it's hard to tell since most of what is put out by the Union of Concerned Scientists is a joke anyway.

You really think I would point to a webpage that discusses jokes on April 1, and not know that it was a joke? Unlike some, I actually read the material to which I point. --jh