EuroTrip '08 - Berlin, part V, Natural History Muesum

Catriona and I, obviously, had fun here:

Fossils, including the best Archaeopterix in the world:

i-ecc7cb2b949e7d05f40d29a6b79df8f7-Berlin 030.jpg
i-1c558b7b9c080ab700bb3f66b770d185-Berlin 031.jpg
i-bef85f5f5f8f831cbb5b2a40aeb5f254-Berlin 032.jpg
i-4f1ccf8f9fb2bdcadca63fb3638395ed-Berlin 033.jpg
i-677e6024ad4bd9016b730a711a142180-Berlin 034.jpg
i-6781a11b97a66acb2cac1cea85b5e4d8-Berlin 035.jpg
i-381371f1889467b74f525db87985614f-Berlin 036.jpg
i-1e44e34c66a952d1d24eb26da3c0b3dd-Berlin 037.jpg
i-3d64fe3dcb34382cd7cf1e71766a78d8-Berlin 038.jpg

The Evolution of Life:

i-6fd06c8f2d574fcffccc8967b433c339-Berlin 039.jpg
i-b017641e943e5c2112a6846e0dd5ffe5-Berlin 040.jpg
i-5010518290fb1b7375baaaa8fc69fe75-Berlin 041.jpg
i-566a650c5b06dc506d1fc281b100e535-Berlin 042.jpg
i-02226e3924889c06e31a67dcbd615710-Berlin 043.jpg
i-c8cf7331b4975afa766100251d2b9610-Berlin 044.jpg
i-a4baf7af451e987127dfd3e9401b12e0-Berlin 045.jpg
i-b29c6c6e1caab709be123edd9afe4864-Berlin 046.jpg
i-f8a1b524f60529236753b806b508edd2-Berlin 047.jpg
i-9176c6767f5d626885313be08fb08283-Berlin 048.jpg

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Time to put up some of the pictures. Catriona took me around Berlin, for whatever one can see in just a day and a half - the Brandenburg gate, a slab of the Berlin wall, etc.... Quick breakfast: Going from West to East Berlin: The Wall: The oldest traffic light in Germany: Evening:
For dinner, we went up high, really high - 230 meters, to a rotating restaurant, perhaps the highest blogger meetup to date?! There I met Cornelius Puschmann, Martin Fenner and his lovely wife, Catriona McCallum, Randolf Nesse, Bjoern Brembs and his girlfriend, and Mark who had to run early to…
Hope all my fellow Americans out there had a good Independence Day. I was away on a trip, and I thought I'd share a few photos.