New URL/feed for A Blog Around The Clock

This blog can now be found at and the feed is Please adjust your bookmarks/subscriptions if you are interested in following me off-network.

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This blog has moved. I am now cultivating Neuron Culture at Wired Science Blogs. Main link above. Please adjust your bookmarks, subscriptions, or RSS reader settings accordingly. You can read subscribe to the feed here.You can also follow me at Twitter. Thanks, David Dobbs
Check it out: On twitter too! Thanks to Dave Munger, Bora Zivkovic and Anton Zuiker for coming up with what we've all been waiting for -- a way to keep track of all the new science blogging networks that have been sprouting up everywhere lately. From Bora's Drumroll, please!…
So, the Big Day has finally arrived - the inauguration of the new SEED scienceblogs homepage and the addition of 24 new bloggers to the stable, including me - yeay! So, go check out the brand new front page and all the old and new bloggers there. My new blog, a fusion of all three of my blogs, is…
Anne-Marie Hodge, the author of the delightful blog Pondering Pikaia has just started a new blog on the Nature Network and named it Endless Forms. The Dispersal of Darwin has moved from Blogger to Wordpress, so please adjust your bookmarks and feeds for both of them.