3D visualization

Another SCONC event:

RENCI to Show the Power of Visual Communications at Lunchtime Bistro:

The Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI) invites the public to a Renaissance Bistro lunchtime demonstration and lecture from noon to 1 p.m. Thursday, June 26 in the Showcase Dome room at the RENCI engagement center at UNC Chapel Hill.

The Bistro is free and includes lunch on a first-come, first-served basis.

RENCI experts, Eric Knisley, 3D visualization researcher, and Josh Coyle, new media specialist, will demonstrate three-dimensional visualizations and interactive touch screen displays. Attendees will observe a brief demonstration of the Showcase Dome, a research environment equipped with a 15-foot tilted multi-projector dome display for interacting with data in an immersive 180-degree field of view.

RENCI at UNC Chapel Hill is located in the ITS Manning Building on UNC Chapel Hill campus, 121 Manning Drive. Parking is available in the UNC Hospitals lot on Manning Drive. For directions, see http://www.renci.org/focusareas/eduoutreach/bistro.php.

RSVP by June 23 to jshelton@renci.org.


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