Bora's Links on (Science) Journalism

Just a collection of links to my and other people's posts/articles I need to have collected all in one place (I will explain later):

1.a.Breaking News

Scientific American Editor, President to Step Down; 5 Percent of Staff Cut
'Scientific American' Editor Out in Reorg

1. b.Death of print: how are newspapers and magazines different?

Defining the Journalism vs. Blogging Debate, with a Science Reporting angle
Rosen's Flying Seminar In The Future of News
Thinking the Unthinkable
2020 vision: What's next for news
Newspapers on the brink-where to next?
Could beautiful design save newspapers?

2. getting past the journalists vs. bloggers dichotomy, with an eye to identifying what a happy "take the best of each" scenario would include.

'Journalists vs. Blogs' is bad framing
If Bloggers Had No Ethics Blogging Would Have Failed, But it Didn't. So Let's Get a Clue.

3. where does science journalism fit in this change? Science is arguably a ripe place for doers (scientists) to do much of what science journalists now do. What do/might (good) sci-journos bring that needs to stay in a new model/hybrid.

Why good science journalists are rare?
Scientists are Excellent Communicators ('Sizzle' follow-up)

4. some recent good and bad examples of science journalism.

Exhibit 1 (bad reporting - good pushback by blogs):

For the last time: that 'Twitter is Evil' paper is not about Twitter!
The Neurology of Twitter
The Neurology of Twitter, Part 2
Social media threats hyped by science reporting, not science
Is Twitter making you immoral? Daily Mail says yes, science says no
ZOMG! Facebook use and student grades
Experts say new scientific evidence helpfully justifies massive pre-existing moral prejudice.
Debasing the coinage of rational inquiry: a case study

Exhibit 2 (moderately bad reporting, atrocious behavior by reporter - strong pushback by blogs):

Graham Lawton Was Wrong (and links at the bottom)

Exhibit 3 (good reporting):

Good News for Night Owls
Night Owls Stay Alert Longer Than Early Birds
Night Owls Stay Alert Longer than Early Birds
Morning birds buckle under sleep pressure

The same story, done badly: How night owls are cleverer and richer than people who rise early

5. role of science blogs in the new science reporting ecosystem

Science Blogging: The Future of Science Communication & Why You Should be a Part of it
Why do we blog and other important questions, answered by 34 science bloggers
The Shock Value of Science Blogs
ScienceOnline'09 - Saturday 4:30pm and beyond: the Question of Power
New Journalistic Workflow
PLoS ONE on Twitter and FriendFeed

6. why do we print "Open Lab" anthologies if paper is dead? How do books differ from shorter forms and how a digital publishing model might change what gets written?

The Open Laboratory: The Best Writing on Science Blogs 2006
The Open Laboratory: The Best Science Writing on Blogs 2007
The Open Laboratory 2008
The Open Laboratory 2009 - the submissions so far
How the E-Book Will Change the Way We Read and Write


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