Lindau Nobel conference - the Lindau island

It's a beautiful place:

i-ca5692356b7fcfd5a9c3f44992f0263c-Lindau 008.jpg
i-6dc8ecb05ff1a4e4b4b9c9ae7de681f4-Lindau 007.jpg
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i-9162c6769d3c52ab0e0f610ecd79def3-Lindau09  001.jpg

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Here are some more pictures from the domestic and wild animal life on the island:
Friday was a special day at the Lindau Nobel conference. The official program was over but, instead of letting us all go home, the organizers did something better - a day trip on a boat to the island of Mainau where, while still under the influence of the proceedings, the participants had a chance…
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