Open Access and the divide between 'mainstream' and 'peripheral' science (also available here and here) by Jean-Claude Guédon is a Must Read of the day. Anyone have his contact info so I can see if he would come to ScienceOnline'10?

There is a whole bunch of articles about science publication metrics in the latest ESEP THEME SECTION - The use and misuse of bibliometric indices in evaluating scholarly performance. Well worth studying. On article-level metrics, there are some interesting reactions in the blogosphere, by Deepak Singh, Bjoern Brembs, Duncan Hull, Bill Hooker and Abhishek Tiwari. Check them out. Of course, all of those guys are also on FriendFeed where more discussion occured.

Can someone use FOIA to sneak a peak into your grant proposal and check-out your preliminary data? See the discussion on DrugMunkey blog, on Dr.Isis' blog and on Heather Etchevers' blog. My beef: don't use the term "Open Access" for this as it is not related. This is not even Open Notebok Science - which, and I am on record in several places about this - MUST be voluntary and does not fit everyone.

Gavin Yamey, the Senior Magazine Editor of PLoS Medicine, is currently on sabbatical from the journal after being awarded a "mini-fellowship" from the Kaiser Family Foundation to undertake a project as a reporter in East Africa and Sudan.

His first two posts about this: Reporting from East Africa and Sudan and Far from the reach of global health programs.

The "article of the future" by Cell/Elsevier, analyzed by DrugMonkey, Kent Anderson, Marshall Kirkpatrick and Martin Fenner.

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