Techie Tuesday

On Tuesday night I went to the RTP headquarters for Techie Tuesday, an occasional event when people who work in various companies in the Park come over, after work, and have some good food, a beer, and get to relax and chat and meet new people. It is quite a lot of fun. Pictures under the fold (better quality on Twitpic):

i-46dfa2d84badaf804c2b663050b2dd98-techietuesday 001-thumb-130x98-19622.jpg
i-c5f9ae1c961bbfe12954c0c2bcb780a8-techietuesday 002-thumb-98x130-19624.jpg
i-196bb779fef46033996b9a8e7c99465f-techietuesday 003-thumb-130x98-19626.jpg
i-0b7a41bf5792816f01e02f4935e1a346-techietuesday 004-thumb-130x98-19628.jpg
i-4bf42c23b37750d41f6b57a9e5645389-techietuesday 005-thumb-130x98-19630.jpg
i-2ca81f47340826fd668270a3c4887c58-techietuesday 006-thumb-130x98-19632.jpg

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At one point I came as close as 5 yards to it - click on little thumbnails to see bigger pictures:
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