Some AAAS links

Links in this post are those that pertain to me or the session I was in - I will link to some others later (and I already did on Twitter):

Columbia Journalism Review: Online and Overseas: Less hand-wringing over state of science journalism Researchers! Join the Twitterati! Or perish!

Thoughts From Kansas: AAAS Day 3: Social media in science Science Journalists Have Met The Enemy, And They Are Bloggers

UC San Diego's Jacobs School of Engineering: Interesting session at AAAS

john hawks weblog: AAAS

A Blog Around The Clock: AAAS 2010 meeting - the Press Room....why?

Interesting how each of these posts has its own spin and neither one of them actually describes the session and all the six panelists and what we said....perhaps later someone will do that.


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