The 'submit to Open Laboratory 2010' buttons are here!

Thanks, this year again, to Zen Faulkes for putting together the submission buttons that you can embed wherever you want on your sites and thus have easy way to submit an entry for Open Laboratory 2010 whenever you read a cool science post.

You should read the long-winded instructions about what is and isn't appropriate to submit, deadline, and other pertinent information.

And you should certainly buy (or tell your friends, colleagues, family and neighbors to buy) the 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 editions. Especially if you buy in April - we have entered the anthology into the April contest at - use the code "SHOWERS" during check-out to get 10% off.

Now, here are the codes - just copy and paste into your site's templates:

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<a href=""&gt<img src=""&gt</a&gt


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Under the fold are submissions so far:


A Blog Around The Clock: What does it mean that a nation is 'Unscientific'?
A Blog Around The Clock: My latest scientific paper: Extended Laying Interval of Ultimate Eggs of the Eastern Bluebird

Anthropology in Practice: The Irish Diaspora: Why Even Trinidadians Are a Little Irish

Computing Intelligence: Sloppy Language in Science on Human Uniqueness

The Dispersal of Darwin: The Discovery Institute needs a dictionary

The Language of Bad Physics: Experiments in Non-Relativistic Modified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND)

Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): Made for Each Other: Evolution of Monogamy in Poison Frogs
Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): UV, You See? Black Light Reveals Secrets in Fossils
Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): Fly Me to the Moon: The Incredible Migratory Journey of the Arctic Tern
Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): Darwin's Finches Develop Immunity to Alien Parasites

Maniraptora: Tastes Like Chicken: Size Matters -- Bigger is Better, Even for Male Pipefish
Maniraptora: Tastes Like Chicken: Gender-Bending Chickens: Mixed, Not Scrambled

Mauka to Makai: Barnacle Sex

Medical & Bio-Inspired Innovations: Blood Pressure, Medication, Diet, And Dementia: What The Recent Research Tells Us

Observations of a Nerd: Evolution: The Curious Case of Dogs

PodBlack Cat: Presenting, Minorities And The Token Skeptic At #AtheistCon

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Epistemological Anarchists (comic/cartoon)

Skulls in the Stars: Perpetual motion -- nonsense for over 100 years
Skulls in the Stars: Rolling out the (optical) carpet: the Talbot effect
Skulls in the Stars: Mythbusters were scooped -- by 130 years! (Archimedes death ray)


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