Best of May

I posted only 127 times in May. Apart from many cool videos and various updates, I did blog about other things as well.

I went to the WWW2010 conference and wrote my thoughts about it.

Open Laboratory submissions are in full swing so I decided to post the old Prefaces and Introductions I wrote for the first three books.

Dennis Meredith came to town to talk about Explaining Research so I reported from the event. I also reported on the presentation about Serious Gaming at Sigma Xi.

Two of my friends and neighbors published books in May so I announced the sites and times for local readings - 'On The Grid' by Scott Huler and 'Bonobo Handshake' by Vanessa Woods. I reported from the 'On The Grid' reading here. Both book reviews are coming soon.

Cory Doctorow did a book reading/signing in Chapel Hill - I went and wrote about the event.

More interviews with participants of ScienceOnline2010 have come in - check out Jelka Crnobrnja, Alex, Staten Island Academy student of Stacy Baker, Scott Huler, Tyler Dukes, Tom Linden, Jason Hoyt, Amy Freitag, Emily Fisher, Antony Williams, Sonia Stephens, Karyn Hede, Jack, Staten Island Academy student of Stacy Baker, Jeremy Yoder and Fenella Saunders.

Announcing events - Triangle PechaKucha and Science Online London 2010.

Work-wise, I announced the April 2010 PLoS ONE BLog Pick Of The Month and Lots of news around PLoS these days.

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