Summer blogging break

Yes, it's here. My annual summer blogging break. A time to recharge my blogging batteries.

Time to pack up my virtual bags, hop on my ePlane and take a posting holiday. As usual, I'll be offline for the next four weeks or so, probably back the week of August 24th. I have scheduled some posts for my absence, however: four Friday Fun posts as well as four items I'm reposting from the old blog.

As for the summer reading poll, I guess it's now time to declare the two winners:

The two polls received 117 votes between them. Thanks to everyone who participated! I'll probably do this again as it was great fun. Watch this space for reviews of the two books when I return.

It's interesting to note that the Feynman bio got more than the next three books combined -- a message that I'm crazy for having missed reading such a classic!

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