Welcome to EngineerBlogs.org!!!!

YASBC. But this time an engineering blog community. This is a fantastic new development if you ask me, especially in a blogging environment domininated by science blogs. Time to let the engineers into the clubhouse, even if that means that we'll have to start serving massive quantities of various beverages to keep them all happy.

Let them explain:

This is a collection of some of the top engineering bloggers on the internet. Surprisingly, scientists seem to outnumber engineers, though we don't think that will happen for long. Some posts link directly back to the author's web page and some stay right here on EngineerBlogs.org. Either way, we promise you some of the best engineering related content on the web. Tune in to our feed to get the newest information from all authors.

As they say, they have a collection of bloggers that both write on the their own personal blog sites as well as on the Engineer Blogs site. There also seems to be some re-posting going on too. An interesting model, to say the least.

There are only four blogs to start. I'll link first to the blogger's individual site then to their Engineer Blogs page, where available:

  • Cherish The Scientist (EB)
    I am an electrical engineer with an interest in various areas of electromagnetics, including antennas and numerical simulation techniques, as well as IC packaging. I have completed a master's degree in electrical engineering and am currently pursuing a doctorate in geophysics.
  • Chris Gammell's Analog Life
    My name is Chris Gammell and I am an analog electrical engineer from Cleveland, OH. Though I grew up in Buffalo, NY, I first came to Cleveland in late 2001; I earned my bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Case Western Reserve. Since I started working I have contributed to many different industries and picked up knowledge along the way. I'm very thankful for the fact that I am able to work on advanced electronics every day. I want this site to help others understand electronics and the electronics industry better. This site is dedicated to teaching those who are new to the industry and continuing the conversation with those who work alongside me industry.
  • Flying Flux (EB)
    Who is Fluxor? I'm a worker bee located in the nation's capital, the nation in question being Canada, and employed at FluxCorp for the purposes of building a Flying Flux. And what is a Flying Flux? It's a mixture of analog and digital integrated circuitry designed for mass consumption, although I focus mainly on the analog side.

    So that's what I am -- an analog IC circuit designer . That's what I've been doing since grad school. I've done designs ranging from DC (regulators, bandgaps), to multi-GHz RF (mixers, VCOs, LNAs), to multi-GHZ high speed analog (CDRs, PLLs), to behavioural modeling of components and systems. I've also managed projects where team members were spread across four countries and five time zones.

    Some day, I hope to be seconded to a land far, far away, with all the trappings of an ex-pat living lavishly in a foreign land. And in that land, preferably China, I hope to lead a local design office doing, what else, analog IC design.

  • Design. Build. Play. (EB)
    Just another engineer, formerly of the humanities discipline, writing about cars, aerospace, economics, coffee, design, school and exciting workplace adventures at MegaCorp.


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