Around the Web: Some posts on The Research Works Act (Now chronological!)

Note: this post is superseded by: Around the Web: Research Works Act, Elsevier boycott & FRPAA.

Following on my post from yesterday on Scholarly Societies: It's time to abandon the AAP over The Research Works Act, I thought I'd gather together some of the recent posts on the issue.

The Wikipedia article is here, full text of the bill here and status here.

It's worth watching pretty well everthing Peter Suber is writing on this issue on Google+.

Of course, if I've missed any, please let me know in the comments.

For those that are interesting, I'm using this Google Doc as a scratch file to hold links in between updates.

Update 2012.01.08: Added a bunch more today. I'll probably get around to putting all this in chronological order in the next few days.
Update 2012.01.09: Added many more, including some stragglers. Also, now in chronological order.
Update 2012.01.11: Another big update.
Update 2012.01.17. Yet another big update before leaving for Science Online. It includes a few stragglers. I probably won't get around to another update until after I return.

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Yeah, I read the paper:
Research Works Act: Latest Congressional Lie about Helping Small Business by AnnMaria De Mars

I couldn't agree more.

Who wouldn't object to paying again for the same resources they've already paid for once, just because some lobbyists for large corporations lined Issaâs and Maloneyâs pockets!

Lobbyists make me sick and I really want to b1tch-slap those cretins. Small businesses are really struggling and this is the last thing we need!