Around the Web: Research Works Act, Elsevier boycott & FRPAA (Updated!)

This post has superseded my two previous link collection posts here and here.

The first focused solely on the Research Works Act, the second added posts on the Elsevier boycott and this one also incorporates posts on the reintroduction of The Federal Research Public Access Act. These three stories are all intertwined to the extent that it is difficult to separate them out completely. That being said, I'm not attempting to be as comprehensive in coverage for the boycott or for FRPAA as for the RWA.

Some relevant general resources:

It's worth noting that this post represents a massive update to the previous one. And I hope the next update won't be quite as massive nor a month away.

It's worth watching pretty well everthing Peter Suber is writing on this issue on Google+.

Of course, if I've missed any, please let me know in the comments. In particular, if there are any important posts or articles I've missed on the Elsevier boycott, please let me know. This has become a very large list. If I've doubled up on something or picked up something at a content scraper instead of the original location, please let me know so I can fix it.

For those that are interested, I'm using this Google Doc as a scratch file to hold links in between updates.

Update 2012.03.27. Update with a bunch of new posts and a few stragglers.


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