Alien TV

There's a href="">short
article on World Science, that informs us that "the search is
underway for sites that would be suitable for construction of a
radio-telescope array that could receive alien TV.

I knew there was a serious scarcity of decent TV shows, but I did not
know it had gotten so bad that we need to tune in to other planets,
just to have something to do on Friday night.

I used to use an antenna, and I got three stations, maybe four.
 On good days, I could get CBC out of Windsor.
 Usually, their programs were better.  I supposed
that if there is a small improvement with international TV, perhaps
interplanetary TV would hold some promise.

Even so, I must admit, I am highly skeptical.  After getting
tired of zero decent programming on 3.5 stations, I got cable.
 Quickly, I learned something important about math.  
3.5 times zero is zero.  150 times zero is still
zero.  So I am pretty sure that getting interplanetary TV will
be a waste of time, no matter how many channels they have.


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You missed the best station from Windsor, TVO. Ontario's public television network is more "open minded" and less "corporatized" than US public television. If you have one of the old motorized tv roof aerials, try finding it. In the Detroit area I get it on channel 83.

By g_mchphee (not verified) on 15 Aug 2006 #permalink

Why own a tv at all? I find tv irritating and numbing. We don't own a tv, and my kids (7 and 9) get along fine without one.