Neighbor's Cat Finds Catnip

We grow catnip in the garden outside the home-office window.  Our
cat likes to lay in front of the window, and stare wistfully at the

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But today, he saw something unexpected.  The neighbor's cat was
laying in the catnip.

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this photo just looks, well, scandalous...

That's hilarious.

Oh dear the cat looks rather perturbed at being caught. Must be a republican cat getting his/her jollies on the side. If he/she was a progressive cat it'd be going c'mon in for a roll man - have a sniff ;)

In two days you will have no catnip.

No, your cat likes to *lie* in front of the window; it might like to *lay* its paws on some catnip. Similarly, the neighbor's cat was *lying* in the catnip, but might like to *lay* its paws on some good hooch. "Lie" is an intransitive verb, which means that it doesn't take a direct object; it means "to recline"; "Lay", on the other hand, is a transitive verb, and takes an object. It means "to put" or "to place". You're just doing this to upset me, aren't you? Now I have to lay the computer down and lie down to sleep.

don't throw down, man