"Little Monsters" Science: Lady Gaga's Perfume

Lady Gaga's new perfume - could it be an intersection of art, fashion, marketing, desire, pheromones, molecular biology? Perhaps.

From The New York Times interview posted today, "Lady Gaga at Paris Fashion Week":

Lady Gaga:

It's a smell of many different things, I don't want to give too much away. But I do want to say that I took a sample of my own blood and extracted the molecular structure and the scent of that, and injected it into the perfume so it would smell like and feel like me.

Fascinating - how does one "extract molecular structure" of blood and "inject" into the perfume? I am not one to question the art of perfumers, but I do question the science. It is appropriate that Lady Gaga's use of language - extract, inject, smell like and feel like me - is fitting for "little monsters." What do you think?

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