Power Trio, Holy Trinity? Lady Gaga, Twitter and Google

Consider the realm of influence of Twitter itself, as a Twitterer - if there is such a term.

Twitter just celebrated its "5th birthday." Who is the CMO?

In just over five years, @Twitter has sent 1,056 Tweets, has 4,675,494 followers, and follows 436 (if you measure "Klout," that's a lot of Klout.)

This evening's Tweet was all about Lady Gaga:


This is no coincidence. Google, that other multi-billion dollar media giant, happened to air an exclusive interview yesterday with this diva of Pop {"Musicians@Google Presents: Google Goes Gaga"}:

Such an intersection of popular culture, online social media, technology, sociology, music, art, design - and so many other things ranging from the serious and scholarly to the whimsical and profane, is noteworthy, whether it appeals to your sensibilities or not.

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