Algebra For Everyone, Even the Math-Phobic!


If you hate math, or know someone who hates math, Sir Harold Kroto describes an elegantly simple way to understand algebra - using shapes.

I had the pleasure and honor to meet Sir Harold Kroto yesterday at the National American Chemical Society meeting. He spoke on "Science, Anti-Science and Survival." The session topic was "Scientific Freedom and Human Rights in Chemistry and Related Sciences," in which I am deeply engaged {my seminar followed his, a very tough act to follow - but that may be a topic for another day.}

During lunch, Harry shared with me an important project that he has led to promote global, open access to education, called GEOSET. This site offers a rich variety of teaching resources, using streaming video synched to PowerPoint presentations, modeled after Wikipedia in that it uses subject modules, rather than full lectures.

In this brief, six minute presentation, Dr. Kroto explains algebra using shapes that anyone could appreciate and understand. I hope that you, a friend or a family member can benefit from this. I invite you to explore GEOSET for a wide range of subjects.

To view, click: Algebra

GEOSET's mission:

The Global Educational Outreach (GEO) initiative uses new technology to provide outstanding Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) teaching material. It is a highly flexible medium enabling a wide range of different educational approaches to be explored and it is particularly useful for SET teachers who will find valuable downloadable teaching resource material created by the best science and technology experts and educators. A key aim is to catalyse the creation of a global network of participating sites catering to the local and global need for much improved SET education.


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Jeff you are a leader .in this day of crises in japan and schools that caint find thair way in math you are carying the torch .

This video was pretty interesting to me because I hated math before college. Recently, I have seen the beauty in the logic that accompanies mathematics. For teachers who are having trouble showing their students how easy math could be, this website provides another tool for this purpose.