"My Prof Got Run Over by an iPod"


Liquid mountaineering.

Photo source.

Curiouser and curiouser...

Intrigued by your interests on ScienceBlogs, I did an experiment.

I took a look at what you were searching for a year ago, during the month of June 2010 and uncovered some curious things. As in my last post {Inquiring Readers Want to Know: "Why Is My Poop Green?}, I focused on your top 500 keywords (out of 343,309.) Lists such as these could provide endless possibilities of topics for blog posts. There's simply not enough time - anyone want to help write some of these?

  • My prof got run over by an iPod
  • Liquid mountaineering
  • Goats on fire
  • The god equation
  • Crackergate
  • Fecal transplant
  • Obesity panacea
  • Micronaps
  • Dr. Emoto fraud
  • Starfart
  • Organic cigarettes (Is that akin to organic dry cleaning?)
  • Perfectionism and depression
  • Worst physics article ever written
  • The ultimate proof of creationism
  • Methyl iodide strawberries
  • Failed postdoc

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No such thing as liquid mountaineering. The videos were made by placing a bridge made out of plexiglass or another see-through material under the water, and using a camera angle that did not show the bridge. The guys then ran across the bridge, making it look like they were walking on water.

Mythbusters recreated this on their show a few months back.