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The blogosphere can be a strange world for writers, offering vistas as broad ranging and fickle as human nature itself. Bloggers relying on pageviews for sustenance, even those who do not, face the challenge of attracting as many readers as possible, sometimes at the cost of becoming an uncivil "woo meister," provocateur or even worse, a demagogue.

From my first post at "Dean's Corner," I wanted to avoid these potential traps and to simply share what I love about science, sometimes bringing to light mistruths or misrepresentations - at least in my opinion. So,

I blog for free because:

  • I read the scientific literature continuously and find amazing discoveries everyday that I would like to share with my students, faculty and the broader public.
  • I love to write.
  • Writing these posts is a great way to learn the latest breakthroughs, as they are reported in a 24 hour news cycle.
  • It allows scientists the freedom of creative expression beyond traditional peer-reviewed scientific publications.
  • It is an important supplement to traditional science journalism, allowing scientists to articulate science directly to the public.
  • It provides an opportunity to learn online social networking and blogging, something every educator should do.
  • All (modest) proceeds generated from pageviews at Dean's Corner are donated to my University Foundation to increase scholarships and research opportunities for our students who deserve as much support as I can provide, particularly because:
  • Sixty-five percent of Kean's students are the first generation in their family to attend college. Indeed, Kean was named as one of the nation's top five universities for diversity by DiversityInc magazine.

If you agree with this approach, please share this blog far and wide. Thanks for reading.

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No, I was using humor to note the dearth of comments (see: Warner Bros.Show Biz Bugs) and then as an afterthought I pointed out the reason, perhaps, for the lack of response. All very genuine. Sort of an intervention, really - pointing out that you seem to reframe the argument with your own foibles absent from the dichotomies; but then you cherish your civility above all else, don't you?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you seem to be taking passive/aggressive pot shots at your fellow Science Bloggers - all under the guise of being imperious more civil than thou. Just to throw in another cultural reference for fun, "How's that workin' for ya?"
I'm sure you've made lots of friends among your fellow bloggers just as I'm sure Ed, PZ, Orac, Greg, et. al., are just beside themselves with self-reproach schadenfreude.
Maybe you should retitle Dean's Corner as The Big Chill.

(cricket chirp... cricket chirp...) uncivil "woo meister," provocateur or even worse, a demagogue.

You left out tone troll & accommmodationist.

Philanthropy is welcome in many forms, as long as it is genuine. I doubt that this anonymous commenter qualifies based upon his/her tone.