Cradle of Creativity: Starbucks


Those late nights of coffee-induced creativity sessions. Whether they're a memory or a recurring event, how we share them has changed dramatically.

In our 24 hour/seven days per week cycle of news media and activity in general, there is yet another mode of expression and sharing of what's going on this instant....Instagram.

Peaks such as this used to be reserved for an inner circle of friends. Now fans {I am one of them} can take a gander, if they wish, into the creative process. I am lucky to have close friends who are composers, musicologists, and my mother was an artist. In this example, Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park was sharing what is normally a mundane moment: visiting Starbucks for a cup of coffee.

But when you're a creative musician such as Mike Shinoda, you bring along your laptop and accessories to start mixing and creating some music. Sharing images such as this with a broad audience is a great way to share with fans what is happening in the moment but offers something more: a hint into what may come in the future. Sign me up for their next concert tour!

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