Minute To Win It: The Sun

Why is the sun so hot?

Well, the sun is "like a big nuclear submarine - in the sky."

Henry Reich, who studied Physics at Grinnell College & Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and is now working on an MFA in Film Production at the University of Southern California, explores this question in, yes, one minute. He is developing a series of these innovative videos to explain concepts in physics to help us understand our world.

I invite your feedback and hope you enjoy this minute.

Note that Greg Laden posted this on July 26; my apologies for the redundancy.

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Since when do nuclear submarines run on fusion?

I'm sorry but claiming the fusion powered Sun is like a fission powered submarine in the sky is such a colossal error that it negates the effects of everything that follow.
The concept is great but if the creators are sloppy with the facts, they shouldn't bother.

Thank you for the feedback - exactly what I was looking for.

Ok, I'll stop complaining. :)

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