I'm Blogging At Sea Baby! Pt. 4

I perhaps spoke too soon and in doing so invited Murphy's wrath.

We completed deployment of the respirometer and accomplished 3/4 of the video transects we planned. During our bottom time we saw high densities of flat fish, asteroids, and the jellyfish Benthocodon. We also spotted a rather large pom-pom anemone. The squid Histoteuthis was also seen and at one point inked the respirometer.

But then there was problem, the ROV went dead in the water, no power and no video feed to the surface.  We lost contact with the ROV.  Houston we have problem! At this time we are retrieving the dead ROV on the wire and will crane it back aboard the ship.  The current loss of connection is speculated to potentially be a break in the fiber optics in the tether. 

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Sometimes you just luck out. Today so far is one of those days. The bay is like glass and steaming out to the site has been smooth. We just arrived on station (8:30am) and deployed the ROV. First operation is to deploy the benthic respirometer. Wish us luck!
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Yep - dead in the water is not good. It may be the fiber optic -- but I would guess the flat calm waters meant no one gave an offereing to the sea. You know the one, from the only spot on the boat where there is no camera.....the one the Lobos is famous for.

Good luck!

Your right no offerings to the gods were offered, no "pelagic enrichment studies" were conducted.

Wave to us from the on deck camera Craig!

Did you say pom-pom anemone? Is that the koosh ball looking Liponema brevicornis? I love those animals. They could be considered a 'slightly migratory' species, 'cause they can roll away and right themselves again.

Good luck jump starting Tiburon.

I feel the need to clarify a simple term Craig used earlier in this thread to those of you not from the MBARI neighborhood.

When Craig says he "loves" the Point Puke he is exhibiting a personal quality not unlike that which man's Best Friend exhibits to its master= Unconditional Love.

That boat is wicked. Let's all raise a glass to Craig for his good character, and big heart.