New Remote Operated Vehicle Smell

i-3c4de0729eb047ab03af74025695a7aa-6-crane up.jpg

It may have not smelled like a new car but it definitely smelled new. Yes we did get a new ROV here at MBARI! The new ROV will replace the beloved Tiburon that has been here since 1997 exploring every nook and cranny of the Northeast Pacific.

Why the new ROV? Because we can! Serious though the new ROV is more powerful and will able to carry heavier science equipment. However, the new ROV is currently nameless. A list of possible names is being compiled based on suggestions from MBARI's staff and visitors to MBARI's open house. You can feel free to suggest some name here and I will try to get them to the higher ups and mucky mucks. Of course, it also needs a new paint job! Look below the fold for some of my ideas. If you got an idea of your own feel free to get creative and email it to me. I will post them all here.

All photos courtesy of MBARI.



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No more Tiburon! What happens to it? Does MBARI sell it to someone else and they use it? Or, is it done for good?

Totally dig that flame mockup! ( science! style! attitude!)

Some of the parts off the Tiburon will be used on the new ROV (high def cameras and arms). As far as the rest of the Tiburon, I am not sure perhaps display at the aquarium or elsewhere.

Congrats on the new gear. I heard once that MBARI's ROVs were relatively "noisy". Is that true? Will this one be more quiet?

Hah! No kidding! Too funny.

I propose the name "Medusa" in the tradition of Spanish ROV names at MBARI, and reference to her 'stealthy' mid-water capability. Does the the winner get a cruise? Pretty please?

ROV Davidson

Telemondo del Diablo

DSN Annihilator3000 is pretty hot, but with 5000m of tether she may be rated deeper...?

Is this thing streamlined or what? How about calling it Sponge Bob Square Pants.

SBSP has been mentioned in joking by some of the scientists here.

Actually, I think SBSP is rather fitting for the new vehicle...

I vote for that also...