Relive The Te Papa Squid Dissection

The Te Papa Squid webcast of the colossal squid dissection is now up for your long term viewing pleasure. To bad smell-o-vision still isn't a reality or you could really "live" the entire experience.

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This thing was great. I'm no expert, but I know what I like, and I like watching kiwis cut up tentacles the size of fire hoses.

I do so wish I could get this running on a mac - I've downloaded VLC, but to no avail it seems. Safari and Firefox don't dig the ASX format either, apparently. Does anyone have any advice?

Downloading Media Player also didn't seem to help, sadly; pasting the target URL into the "Open URL..." field in WMP looked promising for a moment, until the program helpfully informed me that "There has been an error." Too bad, as well - I just watched the MV dissection of the giant squid last week, and I was hoping to continue the trend of watching folks from the southern hemisphere slice into massive cephalopods.