Raven Yacht


When I do deep-sea research, I want to do it in style. It may be salty, dirty, rough work with long hours but there is no excuse for not being civilized. That is why I always wear a three button suit and ascot. I require regular breaks with dainty cookies and espresso. We celebrate the end of the cruise with a Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame Rose '98. However, the research vessel doesn't always match my sophisticated taste. That is why I am planning to purchase the Raven Yacht when it becomes something more than a concept. No specs yet but I am sure it will be marvelous! Designed by Mael Oberkampf. Top hat tip to Toxel.

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I agree - beauty may only be skin deep, but that thing is ugly all the way to the bilges.....and where are the winches to shoot & recover the sampling gear?

Mael Oberkampf seems to be an artist, not a naval architect. Which explains why I get seasick just looking at the pictures, but not why the thing is also hideous.

The A-frame obviously retracts into the deck! I disagree that it is ugly. I really do like the design.

It looks like it'd sail like a ruptured duck in any kind of sea.........