Bogus numbers for international crime rates

Scott Marshall writes:

Comparison of Murder Rate per 100,000 in Capital Cities

Amsterdam - 38

I don't think so. Amsterdam has a population of 713,000, so this is
270 murders. If you look
you will discover that in the Netherlands there were only 228
homicides committed in 1990. Needless to say, it is impossible for
there to be more homicides in Amsterdam (5% of the population) than in
the entire country.

The figure you have quoted would seem to be for (attempted +
committed) homicides. From
you find 2206 of these in the Netherlands. 90% of these were
attempted homicides so it seems likely that the homicide rate in
Amsterdam is about 3.8.

Chicago - 33.1
Stockholm - 15.9
Helsinki - 15.3
Copenhagen - 10.5

I think you'll find the the homicide rates in Stockholm, Helsinki and
Copenhagen have also been grossly overstated.

Jerusalem - 3.1
Sydney - 2

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