Assault rates in US cities

Viktor writes:

Of course, we know here in America that the highest crime rates for
the past 50 years are in the cities that have the strictest gun
control laws (Washington, D.C., New York City, Chicago, Detroit)
imposed on innocent people - the distinction being, there can be no
gun control that is effective on criminals since they are willing to
break the law in the first place.

Too bad for you that it easy to find the actual statistics on the web.

Aggravated Assault

OFFICIAL DEFINITION: An unlawful attack by one person pon another for
the purpose of inflicting severe or aggravated bodily injury. This
type of assault usually is acccompanied by the use of a weapon or by
means likely to produce death or great bodily harm. Simple assaults Are

 1 Baton Rouge, LA
 2 Miami, FL
 3 Atlanta, GA
 4 Tampa, FL
 5 Newark, NJ
 6 Peoria, IL
 7 Flint, MI
 8 St. Louis, MO
 9 Orlando, FL
 10 St. Petersburg, FL
 12 Chicago, IL
 15 Detroit, MI
 24 Los Angeles, CA
 40 Dallas, TX
 61 Houston, TX
 72 New York, NY
 77 Phoenix, AZ
 80 San Diego, CA
 130 Philadelphia, PA
 187 San Antonio, TX

None of the four cities you cite are in the top ten for aggravated
assault. Four of the top ten are in Florida, where it is legal to
carry concealed weapons.

It is certainly no statistical
anomaly that the highest crime is in the areas with the most extreme
gun control laws restricting the innocent from self-defense.

What? Like Florida?


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