Do the British count political homicides as homicides?

Dan Z wrote:

Yeah, that's really odd. According to figures published in the
Journal of Epidemiology, in 1994, Northern Ireland had an adjusted
rate of 5.85 and Scotland was 2.24. It looks to me like the rate for
Ireland is greater

What does "adjusted" mean here?

RD Thompson writes:

They removed all the political homicides.

Wrong. Political homicides were included. "Adjusted" refers to
controlling for demographic differences --- younger people are more
likely to be murdered than older people, so if you want to see if a
difference is homicide rates is caused by there being fewer young
people or something else, you need to adjust for the demographic

Be that as it may....the fact remains that in those statistics from
the British Isles, political homicides are removed from the count.

No they are not. If you look at the time-series for Scotland you can
see the blip caused by the Lockerbie bombing. This terrorist bombing
was included in the count.

If you have some evidence that political homicides are removed, then
please present it --- surely you don't expect us to accept this
remarkable claim based on your say so.

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