More Lott sock puppets

The edit war on the Wikipedia article on John Lott has continued. Lott has now tried changing the page to his preferred version almost 50 times. The trouble he has encountered is that since his changes are so unreasonable at least half a dozen people have been undoing them. So, if you were Lott and it looked like you were outnumbered, what would you do? Yes that's right, create an army of sock puppets: Timewarp, Alt37, Purtilo, Sniper1, Serinity, Henry1776, Stotts and Gordinier.

These accounts have just been created and pretty well all they have done there is change the page into Lott's favoured version.

You really have to wander how Lott keeps so many fake identities straight.


More like this

Characteristic to all is the goal common to all of these of reverting the entire article to a single, whitewashing version from a month or two back without discussion of individual disagreements; plus of course, the blanket squeal of how nobody else wants to discuss the individual edits. I say this having wasted the better part of an evening itemizing my disagreements with several of the proposed changes one by one in hops of engendering some sort of discussion, only to receive the blanket and mystifying response that "Lambert is a proven liar". tracks to Missouri, so Gordinier might not be him. Or Lott takes care to make edits whenever he is out of town to try to muddy the waters.

Can we call it a sock drawer now?