Michael Fumento's wikipedia page

Somebody with IP address has been doing John Lott style edits to Michael Fumento's Wikipedia page. For instance, this person removed the link to my criticism of Fumento.

By a strange coincidence just happens to be the IP address used by Tracy Spenser.


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Fumento has now made three posts on his blog and a whole pile of comments on other blogs in response to my revealing his use of a sock puppet. He has called me a liar, claimed that I am insane and falsely accused me of using sock puppets myself. What he hasn't done is deny that Tracy Spenser was…
After accidentally proving that he was using a sock on Wikipedia, Fumento is back for more. I think that putting a "(sic)" after misspellings is rather petty, but since Fumento does it when he quotes others, I've yielded to temptation and sicced all over his many spelling mistakes. Fumento begins…
Last year an anonymous person from the American Enterprise Institute repeatedly tried and failed to remove all criticism of Lott from hiswikipedia page. He eventually admitted to being Lott and claimed that the "posting contains a huge number of inaccuracies and outright lies". Over the past few…

Tim, they are making it too easy. The nail in the coffin for Fumento was when Malkin linked him about bird flu. Apparently, bird flu ain't no big thing to Mikey.

Jonathan, I am in stitches. I love Fumento's contrarian attitude. He's a poor-man's John Stossel. You can predict which side he'll take before he even takes it, i.e. "which side is more controversial?" He's a bought-and-sold pseudo academic.

How come Lott and Fumey boy lean towards chick names for their sock puppets?

I think there could be a dissertation, or at least a good post, on the psychology of naming and choosing the gender of your online altered ego pawns.

"Previous lectures have explored the self-similarity of the wingnut function - how even the tiniest example of wingnuttery is a near-perfect replica of the whole edifice, substantively consonant in every particular but scale."

With regard to the snide and funny `The Myth of Heterosexual Avian Flu' from Dursi above. It should be noted that Fumento, author of "The Myth of Heterosexual Aids," was right about that issue while most around him were talking nonsense.

Indeed, I am a fan of Fumento's work from that era and Lambert's from this one. Both are worth reading.

By the way, Fumento's work on avian flu seems perfectly sensible. I would be interested to read Tim's take on that topic.

By David Kane (not verified) on 24 Nov 2005 #permalink