New Canadian Astroturf Group

Jim Hoggan has the details on a brand new Canadian astroturf group, the Natural Resources Stewardship Project. The chairman is none another than Tim Ball, who is still puffing up his resume. The executive director is Tom Harris, whose other job is at a PR firm, High Park Group that works for the Kyoto-opposing Canadian Electricity Association.

The NSRP has a nicely done site -- looks like there's some money behind them.

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When we last encountered NRSP director Tom Harris he was busy denying he was associated with the High Park Group (a PR company that lobbies for energy companies). Now, in a totally surprising twist, Jim Hoggan reveals: Two of the three Directors on the board of the Natural Resources Stewardship…
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Kevin Grandia writes: Canada's latest and greatest climate change denial group, the Natural Resource Stewardship Project, has come up with a laughable reason for hiding it's funding sources. According to a recent CanWest News Service article, the NRSP's executive director, Tom Harris, states that "…
At 3:10 in a Tim Ball interview with the editorial board of the Ottawa Citizen, he says this: To my knowledge I've never received a nickel from the oil and gas companies. I wish I did get some money -- I might be able to afford their product. If you ask my wife she says its cost me a lot of money…

Oh thank God. I was growing bored poking fun of the ones we already have.

I think the saying goes same *something* different pile. At least the new site is slick, the Friends of Science website was so hideous.

Yeah, but how are we going to justify saying Friends of Contrascience now?



Easy, NRPS is the Not-Real Scientist Project!

monitor the efficiency of governments' environmental initiatives. A watchdog function is necessary to keep government from continuing to simply respond to the pressure of unqualified environmental lobby groups.

Link added to original by me.

If anyone can suggest reputable sources for the data that are in this graph below (or ought to be), I would be grateful for the directions. This case and the recent 1998 global temperature interpretation (, 09/04/2006) make nice examples for environment students (examples of graphical & numerical boondoggles, that is).

... It is strange that the graph ends in the late 1980's.